About Barrhaven Food Cupboard

Barrhaven Food Cupboard (BFC) is a community-led organization that provides food assistance to families in need in the Barrhaven area through the generosity of our community. We are a registered Canadian charity (Registered Charity Number 83906 3831 RR0001).

We have been operating out of our new location in Walter Baker Centre since Spring 2019. This is a brand new space with high visibility and we are proud to have introduced a storefront style service where our clients (users) are able to select food and other essentials.

As a growing suburb, the demand for our services is growing and needs of our community are also changing with growth and diversity. We have slowly started introducing some fresh produce and diverse range of products based on our evolving client needs.


We were originally a part of the Family Services Association of Churches (FAMSAC) food bank that was founded in 1969 in Bells Corners. In 1993, the Barrhaven United Church set up a separate food depot as an outreach activity when the church was built on Jockvale Rd.

Barrhaven Food Cupboard then evolved into a community-led service that  operated autonomously from the church since 2005 to 2019. However, as the community grew, we needed a bigger space to accommodate the needs of our clients.

Though we moved on, we are deeply grateful to the Barrhaven United Church for all the support we’ve enjoyed over the years.

Management and Operations

BFC is managed and run 100 % by volunteers who want to help those in need in our community. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and some even from outside Barrhaven.

Our Board of Directors, elected by the community, is responsible for overall management. Volunteer coordinators oversee operations such as picking up and sorting donations, packing food orders, arranging and delivering food, and liaising with volunteers and donors.

We do our best to keep our administrative costs as low as possible so that the donations made go directly to helping our community members in need.


We operate two food assistance programs – our year-round regular program and our Christmas Hamper program. Food orders consist of non-perishable food items and every day personal and household items. We have also recently introduced perishables such as milk, eggs and fresh produce (still at a smaller scale) as well as have added other essentials such as kids’ diapers, feminine hygiene products and toiletries to name a few.

Community Support

Barrhaven Food Cupboard is supported 100% by donations from members of the community and social support organizations. Our local government funded the renovation of our Walter Baker Center space and we have also received fundraising support from Federal, Provincial and Municipal politicians.